Can You Be a Part Time Entrepreneur?

Of course, why not? But then is that the best option? Who knows.

Part Time Entrepreneur
Part Time Entrepreneur

Here is how it may sound from both sides:

Let me try dipping my toes first, if it feels right, I will jump right in. Let me take an easy corporate job and ‘moonlight’ till I gather enough momentum and confidence and then I will jump in. Let the monthly salary keep coming in till I find a revenue stream.

If you belong to this camp, you are arguing from your brain and may very well be right rationally. The second:

I cannot do justice to either my job or my start up when I am trying both at the same time. Without focus I cannot be successful in my venture. I need to focus. My take off will get delayed as my big company job will drag my start up.

If this sounds like you, you may be more emotional in your argument driven by your heart.

Is there a happy middle? I have not found one. Please share if you do. The thin line between spending time doing research before taking the plunge and buying time to make up mind to get ready for risk is really thin and could take forever to figure out.

Consider these as you figure it out:

  1. Barely has success been achieved without full passion and involvement with the task at hand
  2. Multiple failures are but to be expected so the time to think through alternates is needed
  3. I am not aware of a single new business where 24 hour days have been sufficient… a 25th and a 26th hour have always been added to a day to do everything that needs to get done
  4. While Spiderman can be a photographer by the day and himself at night, the same cannot be replicated by everyone… imagine a world full of Spidermen.
  5. Cash is king but then it is never really sufficient. Brothers with thousands of crores in net worth end up fighting for the next hundred. Can you learn to live with what you have till you get more than what you can spend?
  6. Confidence is overrated, optimism is important. You’ll never get “enough” confidence; entrepreneurs anyways are unreasonably optimistic and probably need to be that way to keep their sanity. 
  7. How can you hire a good team and get their trust if you are moon lighting and expect them to come on board? If you yourself are not confident enough about your own business, don’t expect others to be.

Here is how I would conclude. Let your head and heart fight it out till your heart is able to convince your head. Remember playing safe is risky here, if you are playing it too safe there is huge risk to your ambitions.

For now pack your laptop, lunch box, and your grumpy corporate face and get going to the office every unhappy Monday morning.

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