Can Tablets Transform your Business?

Sponsored: Businesses around the globe, are in a transitionary phase, where on one side, organisations & IT departments are trying to save every inch of physical space in order to build a lean & agile operation. While, on the other side, employees are giving up their desks to stay mobile at work. Incidentally, both these are two sides of the same coin and if handled effectively, can turn into an advantage for the organisation.

According to a recently conducted research by Cybermedia, 3 out of every 4 users claim portability or mobility as the major trigger to purchase a Tablet, accessing social networking sites and entertainment ‘on the go’ being their preferred activities. There is no doubt, that time has come when IT departments have to brace themselves for an influx of mobile devices, which will put a strain on the corporate Wi-Fi network and potentially open up companies to data security issues.
Can tablets tranform your business

Tablets have been suited more to the consumption of media than as devices for the enterprise. But recently launched Windows tablets could bridge the gap between Windows-based desktop computing and tablet computing, which has previously been limited, mainly due to Android and iOS devices.

Tablets are a technology that’s changing the ways in which people communicate. Inevitably ,this embraces the way we work together and interact. Wherever in the world you are linked to the web, you can email, browse and research customers. You can build, edit and share data efficiently and use your tablet to create, schedule and manage projects, people and resources.

Your tablet is ready for action at any time and it comes to life with just a tap of your finger. When introducing tablets, it is important to first consider the benefits and risks and what tablets will make possible. Next, give thought to security and administration policies as well as user rules and work processes to devise the best possible solution. Focus on the balance between business and IT.

In the last 3 years, there is a steep rise in the C-level adoption of smartphones & tablets for business use. Tablets based on Windows Operating System, like HP Elite Pad 1000 G2 provide enough tools to the decision makers to cover every aspect of business, and sufficient power and storage to summon up and use vast numbers of files in microseconds.

HP Elite Pad 1000 G2 is more than just a tablet through which business users can multitask on the move and get busy in places where laptops, keyboards, cables and flip-up screens are

awkward. So whether they are in a train, in the cab, or waiting in an airport, a bar or a shopping mall you now have the power to make dead time into productive time. It blends with your current IT environment with ease using HP Custom Integration Services.

Also, you no longer need to worry about the security issues as HP BIOS Protection2 offers enhanced protection against virus attacks to the BIOS and other security threats, and is designed to help prevent data loss and reduce downtime.

With a powerful 64-Bit Intel Processor in its heart, HP Elite Pad 1000 G2 comes with a range of productivity features like
wireless connection, dual camera, touch,voice or pen based input options to make a truly elegant computing experience.

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