From Forum: Can web startups afford to ignore Facebook? forum has turned out to be a great place to share knowledge/resources among entrepreneurs and if you are an entrepreneur, with lotsa queries/insights to share with the wider community, forum is the right place to do so.

Here are some of the interesting threads in the forum.

What should you do in case you see a me-too-copy-cat company within weeks

Imagine you come up with a idea, sit over it for a year and then start slowly, launch it to public and make efforts to get customer or clients. With in weeks (say about 3-4 months) you see a company similar to yours advertising and making some noise. What would you as a start-up entrepreneur do.? 

This conversation is different from the other copy cat subjects as i want to understand how would individuals react to it.? 

Can you afford to ignore Facebook?

Well on the first look it seems a stupid question. The first reply can be why the hell should I ignore Facebook. 

However I would like to spell out some of my observation which would need your insights and thoughts.

1) Should online start ups focus on facebook for brand building, visits and sales conversion etc?

a) There is a perception that presence in FB is somewhat vital. The number likes are a way to show your users “like” you and you can get visits, sales n others. 

Will there be a positive movement from social to editorial ?

Will the social noise die out? Will the social information sharing methodology move towards a more editorial approach?

The increase freedom through various websites to share you views and thought on zillions of things is somewhat making some websites very noisy. I am sure they are aware of that but will there be a gradual shift towards editorial content (in some cases). 

Would the online viewers move to a more organized way of interacting and receiving information that exists now?

Will “curation” in itself be a big trend in India?

Music for entrepreneurs

There are so many ups and down in an entrepreneur’s life year month week day. To keep my sanity, I seek refuge in music. And was wondering what music do you use to inspire / soothe / re-energize?

Can CSR funds from 3-4 companies be clubbed to actually support 1 cause.?

Each company has its own CSR team and they do their bit to support social causes. I was thinking of creating a platform where 1 project is taken up and funds from 3-5 companies is used to support that cause. Instead of trying to split 1 million into many causes why not take one cause, use up the money and make betterment of the cause one by one.? 



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