Canada and France take lead to establish an international panel to study AI concerns.

In the AI world, there could be some unlikely and surprise hero countries.

While the world focus on developments in US and China in the sector, some other countries are actually taking a holistic lead.

The need to build on technological advances in AI is essential. It is imperative that their impact on society as a whole is also assessed and evaluated. When there has been a lot of debate going on the impact of AI and ML in the times to come.

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and Mounir Mahjoubi, the French secretary of state for digital affairs, announced plans for the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence this week at the G7 nations’ meeting in Montreal to discuss the impacts of artificial intelligence.
According to a mandate issued by the prime minister’s office, the ongoing international coalition will bring together AI engineers and other scientists to assess the dangers of the technology and formulate appropriate policies among participating nations.

There are wide ranging issues which could derail the deep impact of AI and ML, if the fear mongers succeed. And these issues are all ethical.

AI is being currently deployed in each sector imaginable and that has left many questions to be answered yet. There has been a frantic race by companies and organisation. To be the ‘first to finish’ in the race for the fourth industrial revolution. And they do not have time to debate about the ethical concerns. More so because what they are trying to do are border line cases.

From autonomous weapons to facial recognition to mass surveillance, there are questions a galore but no answers.

It is high time that an organisation on the lines of UN is established for the sole purpose of control, debate and regulation of AI and ML technology deployment. This organisation should keep people first and profits second, which is the case opposite today.

While US and China try to battle out their supremacy over this blind race of AI and ML dominance, it is a laudable and very welcome move by France and Canada to bring some much needed sanity to entire subject.

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