App Roundup: Candidly, Scan and Compare Book Prices, Dentro and mDefence

Besides the apps that we covered in detail over the month, here is a roundup of apps we think are worth downloading and checking out.


candidly-logoCandidly, is an Android app, which allows users to capture a moment and share it with close friends instantly. The beta version of the app allows users to click pictures, record their text or voice messages on top of the pictures, and share it with friends. The app gives the creator complete control of the sharing feature, and allows them to choose if the picture should disappear after viewing it. This feature, similar to SnapChat and others, is a great addition as it would help with privacy.

The app was crowdsourced right from ideation until execution. The idea was conceived by Vinay Bharathwaj who then brainstormed with a 3 member team about the general direction of the app. He then partnered with Jade Magnet, a creative crowd sourcing platform, to create a design and development team and finally chose a five member team across Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai. The app is also going to use a Kickstarter Campaign as a marketing tool to access the US/UK market.

Scan and Compare Book Prices

compare-price-logoScan and Compare Book Prices is an Android app similar to LowPrice which allows users to either scan the barcode of a book or perform a keyword search to compare prices of the book at ecommerce stores such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Uread, BookAdda and Infibeam. The app is perfect for avid book readers who visit physical stores and are not sure if they are getting the best deal. The app has been built by New Delhi based Manjari Ideas.

One unique feature of this app compared to others like it on the Play Store is that while searching for a keyword it shows an approximate price of the title right in the search results. This is useful since many popular titles have many editions like paperback, hardcover which vary with prices. When we gave the app a try it was able to detect the barcode quite easily and also performed a price comparison very fast. Clicking on a result would take you to the mobile version of the website where you can purchase the book if needed.


dentro-logoDentro is an app meant for people who really care for their pearly white teeth. The Windows Phone app built by Aneesh Devasthale is aimed at people in the oral health care industry category whose mission is to spread awareness about dental hygiene. It has a tooth age descriptor and a smile meter. The smile meter rates your smile which can be shared with friends. The app was a selected entry in Nokia’s DoGood Hackathon 2013 in the health category. The dental score calculator on the app uses an algorithm to figure out if your teeth are older than you. It also has a dentist finder, which helps you locate the nearest dentist on a map. One of the best features is the section which educates users about common dental diseases.


mdefence--logoThere are a number of apps which allow you to alert your contacts if you’re in trouble. In the past we have covered a number of them like the Meru App, HelPls and also a few other emergency apps that will help you in trouble.

Hyderabad based Zestwings Informatics has released a safety app called mDefence. It is currently available for Windows Phone and Android with other apps coming soon. Similar to other apps in the space it does not need a data connection and used SMS to alerts authorities or your contacts.  The app allows you to set up to 10 contacts to alert if in trouble. It can also alert people through social networks like Facebook. It sends you’re location as a URL in a SMS so people can track you. The app has 10 preset alerts which one has to choose from. While the app does have a lot of features, when we tried the Android app on our Canvas 4 the graphics were a bit choppy but it did work well.

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