Cannan to close 12 Telecom deals in the next 3 years

The Indian telecom space is hot and to add icing to the cake, July witnessed the highest ever subscribers numbers – 9.22 million!

Following the trend, VCs too are showing a lot more interest in mobile vas space and given all the recession, Internet investments are slowing down (drastically).

One of the most significant VAS drivers that will get more ‘data’ plays than ‘voice’ is of course, the much talked about 3G infrastructure (and Mobile/iPhone Apps focused on gaming, as gaming rules the mobile internet play in India)

The major focus seems to be on games, since iPhone’s technology supports them best. Gameloft has launched six iPhone games and plans to add eight more by December. “We will release 2-3 games for the iPhone. And once 3G arrives in India, the market for iPhone applications is expected to explode,” said Salil Bhargava, CEO, Jump Games, a Reliance ADAG venture. [ET]

Canaan partners, $650mn fund is planning to close 12 deals in the next 3 years (hindu) in the range of $2-$7mn and most of the VCs are looking forward to invest in VAS space. And with that, Internet investments does takes a back seat (especially the ones who rely on online advertising).

What’s your observation?

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