How Canva grew the blog traffic by 226.47%?

True, content is king when it comes to SEO. Yet, most people would just jump right it. Some would thought that quality content with no grammar error and neutral creative English writing are the factors to consider to gain more traffic from the blog they created.

Canva Blog Traffic
Canva Blog Traffic

Some would look for awesome plugins before thinking through and strategizing their approach. Unfortunately, they are just wasting time, money and energy.
Some would say using images can entice viewers and people to stay at your blog page longer. Indeed, you can get attention in this kind of approach, but the problem is, how many minutes would you think that the audience would stay to your page. In most cases, as soon as they clicked the linked, they would click the exit button which can affect your bounce rate.

A Fine Look At Canva’s Blog

Canva’s blog or Design School is truly amazing and massively successful when it comes to the visitors. Canva has this Design School meant for anyone and everyone who wants to learn the Canva’s User Interface. It gives opportunity for web designers and wannabe designers to produce stunning design made easy.

So, How did Canva Increase the Blog traffic by 226.47%?

Canva Blpg Traffic
Canva Blog Traffic

Firstly, you should ask yourself and your team (if any) on how to spread your free source via blog to millions of people. Canva did not execute their strategy and reach millions of people over night. Meaning to say, there would be a lot of tests, analytics and tweaks to build increasing your traffic. Here you see:
Canva’s result Via Google Analytics. The orange line is the old strategy they’ve used, and the blue one is the new strategy they’ve used.
The funny thing here is the fact that Canva never used Social Media Ads nor not push through the content and sponsors of the blog page. How did they do it? Quite frankly, they only changed few things on the way they approach the content.

How Canva Did It?

The Landscape of Your Industry –

As a business person, you should know by now that you are not the only one who got great ideas. Chance is, there could be thousands of even millions of people who got the same idea as you have. Therefore, the first step is to discover other online businesses that dominates the SERP. In case that your site features your business service or product, then you have to take a look around about the blogs of your competitors. This simply means that you need to spy on them.


There are plenty of tools to make the most out of when discovering the blog types of content which work from your competitors. You can use BuzzSumo, Topsy, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and other tools that can search for your main keywords. By searching these, you can get more ideas of how your competitors are working.

Social Media Sites –

When it comes to images, you can never go wrong in Pinterest. In here, you can discover of which type of images are pinned the most. All you need is to go to this Social Media Network and search popular keywords related to your niche. Of course, you have to discover your competitors in the business of what type of Social Media sites they make the most out of to increasing traffic.

Study Your Target Audience

All in all, content is just element. Therefore, the best strategy to do is then find approach your competitors haven’t done yet. According to CRO Guru Peep Laja founder of ConversionXL, this approach is called as the identified gap. This became his focus when building up CRO and eventually, blog sites go viral which focuses more on the issues.
Growth Expert Joshua Bretag founder of Cubatica, mentioned to use this report to learn. You need to take the time you need to identify which navigation links, content and images to use on a specific page. Are these things needs to be renamed or removed?
In line with these, you should be able to identify the general trends of the market. For an instance, mobile apps didn’t exist a few years back but today, it is one of the most talked about and perhaps one effective ways to connect with your target audience.

Major Tweaks of Canva

Who says that you only need over than 500 words to make live audiences stay to your blog sites? Canva proved this recommendation wrong. In fact, one of the most major tweak of Canva has over than 5,000 words. But, why people would spend their time reading the blog? Because the blog has the right audiences where they would love to learn the UI and the design.
Canva knows the interest of their audience. At the moment, Canva gained over than 4000 shared and hundreds of signups from the inspirational quotes. Moreover, Canva posted different types of content lists and gives free resources.
Finally, Canva online tool has a proactive lists of approaches. This includes subscriptions, mass mailing and social media shares.
[About the author: By Rolyven Unay.]

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