CanvasJS Charts : The HTML5 charting library gets better

CanvasJS is an HTML5 Charting library that runs across devices and browsers and has 10x Performance Compared to traditional SVG charting Libraries.

This allows you to create rich dashboards that work across devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality of your web application.

Notes from the founders.

Today we are releasing a major overhaul (v2.0) of CanvasJS Charts with lots of new features and thought you would find this interesting.
We released our 1st version in 2013 (thanks to NextBigWhat for covering us back then) and its been a great journey so far being a bootstrapped company. Now, we are proud to say that we have customers globally, including some of the well known organizations like NASA, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, etc.
Summary of this release:

  • Revamped Themes which make our charts even more slick and beautiful.
  • 6 new Chart types including Waterfall, Funnel, Pyramid, Box & Whisker etc
  • Some of the most requested features like Crosshair, Axis Scale Breaks, etc
  • 10x better performance than the conventional SVG Charting libraries.

Chart Gallery link.

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