Canvass Brings An All in One Tool For Marketers With Built in Analytics & Automation

Marketers aren’t short of tools. But good tools aren’t easy to come by. For those who frequently run marketing campaigns (especially online), here’s a great all in one platform.

Canvass is a platform which can be used by businesses to generate leads, nurture them, run campaigns and automate certain functions. It also has some pre-built campaigns like referral programs, email marketing, sms marketing, landing pages and social media campaigns.

It also allows users to collect missing data and gather feedback from customers. The interesting bit about Canvass is that it feels like a well rounded product with some great analytics.Canvass

For instance, in your email campaigns, you can see click rates, bounces, open rates and other parameters. You could also get analytics on your landing pages, data collection forms, referral campaigns and customer feedback campaigns.

By setting up rules, you can automate certain tasks. For instance, you could add add a rule to bucket incoming leads as hot leads based on their activity on your e-mail campaign.

The company is targeting sectors such as education, healthcare, marketing agencies and real estate. “In the future we will expand to other industries like professional services, manufacturing, and ecommerce,” says Rahul Lakhani, Co-Founder of Canvass.

Typically, users go to Mailchimp or Amazon’s SES for email marketing campaigns. That works out cheaper. Similarly, there are bulk service providers for Sms & Social Media campaigns as well. But then, its usually a trade-off between cost and convenience.

Lakhani, a Georgia Tech graduate who spent time in the Valley working for Google & AMD feels that the single dashboard tool will help users get organized with their customer data and keep better track of their investments. Ankur Nanu, the other co-fouonder of the company is a former Cisco employee and a Carnegie Mellon alumnus. Rahul & Ankur returned from the US to India in 2011 and met at ISB Hyderabad.

Standard edition of Canvass, with a 3000 e-mail limit costs $45 a month and a premium version with 12,000 emails a month costs $90. Various custom plans are also available.

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