Minteye= Captcha + Advertisements! Site owners can now monetize Captcha

Those tiny scrambled letters websites ask you to identify and fill in to make sure you are actually a person and not a bot trying to gatecrash their system, called Captcha, are getting a makeover. Minteye, a startup based in New Jersey has come up with a solution to the problems with old Captcha and opens up a whole new revenue streams for site owners. Shayke Inbar, the founder of Minteye is dyslexic and like most people with dyslexia had trouble getting around the usual captcha tests (read : Entrepreneurship and Dyslexia – There is a Linkage). minteye

Problem Statement?
Plain captchas are prone to attacks with good character recognition software. It can even be hacked using cheap labor. Like for instance, spammers could pay a small amount to get human agents to fill out thousands of captcha forms to get past it. There are other problems, such as the one faced by Dyslexics. Its very tough for people with dyslexia to get past captchas.

How is Minteye solving the problem?
Minteye combines Captcha and advertising. In short, its a slide to fit captcha, where the user has to push a slider below a warped image. The image takes better shape as the slider is moved to the right position. When the image is perfect, the Captcha lets the user past it. Its a simplistic yet brilliant way of looking at captcha. The bonus? The image could be an advertisement which the end user has no choice but to look at– solves the problem of users turning blind to online advertisements and generates additional revenues at the same time.

For site owners, it generates additional revenues through the image advert in place of the usual text captcha. It makes captchas a little less frustrating for end users as well.

Advertisers can manage their campaign using Minteye’s platform. Its click through rate is “20 times higher” than the usual Captcha because users see the message from start to end, says Minteye.

Minteye claims to have served more than 100 million captchas so far!

Noida based NLPCaptcha is trying something on similar lines. It serves an advertisement in place of standard captcha and asks people to fill in something found on the ad. This helps advertisers maximise their brand recall.

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