NLPCaptcha launches N-Gage, takes captcha engagement to new level

Noida based NLPCaptcha has launched its new line of action based Captchas – “N-Gage”, that takes captcha engagement to a new level. nlpcaptcha_engagement

The N-Gage line of captchas follows a completely different format for spam verification. Rather than a traditional type-in captcha, wherein a user has to first interpret the tricky, distorted alphabets and then type them in for verification; N-Gage plays on the principle of action. The user will see an interactive graphic/ video in the captcha which asks the user to perform a specific action e.g. he will have to simply click on something or drag the cursor. This action will complete the verification process and the user in the process gets a chance to experience new product launches/ messages, which the advertiser wants to communicate.

This new format offers multiple advantages. For the end user, it is simple and hassle free, there is no need for him/her to stress out while trying to interpret the distorted captcha figures. Filling a captcha rather becomes a fun experience (try out a demo here).

For a publisher, NLPCaptcha provides a revenue earning opportunity (the Noida based startup has clients like Sify, Indian Express, India Today, Dainik Jagran, Deccan Chronicle, Oneindia, Surfindia etc) and importantly, for an advertiser, N-Gage Captchas creates better a user engagement/brand recall mechanism.

What’s interesting about Noida based NLPCaptcha is that it charges advertisers on ‘cost-per-recall’, which means you pay only when the customer actually types your brand message (read our earlier profiling here).