Inspiring: Meet “Cargo”, the 55 year old man who walked 22,000 Kms from Argentina to Alaska

“Why” this story:
In today’s world where most of the money being earned or generated is through FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), directly or indirectly, it has become highly common to read about youngsters as young as 18 worrying about whether, they are now too old to learn a particular skill or engage in some activity. And with the spread of false persona spreading on social media, the paranoia is only increasing, instead of abetting.
The Perspective:
English adages are perhaps the best teachers all of us might ever had, but we never took them seriously (some would argue were never taught to take them seriously). One of them is “It’s never too late!” and the importance to follow and imbibe this adage in our daily lives have never been more important than right now. As someone rightly penned, “The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself”; we ll have this supreme power to start any moment and change the direction of our lives.
The Story:
Mr.Holly Harrison who goes by the name of “Cargo” walked some 22,000 odd kilometres right from Argentina to Alaska and thus traversing the entire Americas; and above of it all, he resolved to do this at the age of 55. He planned, plotted, faced physical obstructions, language obstructions and in all crossed 14 countries on foot.
“What” of this story:
What if we resolve to hike/walk 20 Kms (To ad fro) every Sunday for next 52 weeks. That would be more than 1000 Kms. In next 20 years, we might not have crossed the Americas, but surely we could surpass “Cargo”.
What is the longest you have walked yet, where and why? Please share with us all via comment. Thanks!

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