Pune Based Startup CarIQ Launches Connected Car Platform for Vehicle Health Monitoring

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Pune Based Startup CarIQ Launches Connected Car Platform for Vehicle Health Monitoring

cariq logo Cars today are loaded with sensors and chips, every time something goes wrong there is no way to figure out what is wrong other than to believe what the mechanic or the service center has to say. A Pune based hardware startup is trying to change all this by helping car owners become aware of what is the health of their car.

Connected Car Platform, CarIQ will help you remotely manage, monitor, and interact with your vehicle by helping you better understand its condition, review your driving, and notify you of critical actions to take.

Essentially, CarIQ is a ecosystem of service providers and owners that connects cars to the services it needs. With CarIQ, your (now) smart car can send you service alerts, get appointments for servicing, inform you of any potential problems, and be able to help you save money on maintenance, repairs, and insurance.

How CarIQ Works

CarIQ consists of a plug in intelligent unit, that can detect the car it is connected to and then configure itself. It has a powerful microprocessor coupled with a GSM modem, storage space, and a bunch of sensors. The microprocessor collects data from the car’s ECU and its own sensors. This data is catalogued, compressed, encrypted, and sent to CarIQ servers on the cloud. The cloud further works on the data, and information is provided to the end user through web or smartphone apps.

With today’s advancement in auto technology, cars already know which component is failing, how one is driving the car, the road conditions, weather, and even the fuel supplied. CarIQ will help collect information and transmit this data so that owners are able to make decisions accordingly.

The service will alert users for problems ranging from simple things like the headlights being left ON when parked, to something as critical as identifying a potential engine breakdown.

The Product, completely designed and developed by in Pune, also offers user alerts like appointments for servicing, notification about potential problems etc.


“Our device is compatible with all cars post 2008, and are able to communicate across makes and models. The device also has support for all the OBD port standards,” says Sagar Apte, Founder and CEO of CarIQ.

The startup opened for pre-orders about nine days back, and already have received over 50 orders.

“The device has been under research for more than 18 months now and has been tested across all makes and models that have hit the market after 2008, and below 20 Lakhs on-road price,” says Sagar.

The device is being aimed at auto enthusiasts who want to see data from their cars, and share this data with friends and peers. While our Product is also useful for the ordinary users, the device needs to have more partnerships across service providers to bring in more value. Sagar adds, “Many of our pre-order customers are everyday users and see value in the diagnostics and location services.”

You can currently pre-order the device for Rs 5999. The company will notify you about payment as soon as the device is ready to be shipped.

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