Carpe Diem, Entrepreneurs!

A lot of us reach a stage in our careers where there is a constant tussle between where we are and where we would like to be. Its not as much about the money or designation or the present job but more to do with the fact that in our heads, we thought we would be at a different place in this stage of life. Lets take an example of a Mr A, who is about 30 years old, has been working at a medium sized company for about 5 years, presently at a senior level and makes good money. Yet every morning his biggest question is why me and why here – for which he rarely finds an answer. ZNMD

The reality however is not that there are no answers or solutions, but that he kept looking for it at the wrong places. The biggest blessing in disguise when one starts to feel this, is that, you feel it, you know it and now all you have to do is manage and handle it. Easier said than done but it’s atleast a start. Every company in its own way gives a chance to every team member/employee/manager/leader to go beyond what they are supposed to do and what they are capable of doing and achieving. While the former pays your salary and perks and may fall under mundane and regular after a while, the latter is the catapult to not only prove something to your team/family etc but most importantly to yourself. A lot of people usually look outside of their present state also known as a new job and feel that is where they will find, at the cost of sounding dramatic – redemption, while a lot of times this could be very well achieved within your own present job or company. And redemption too doesn’t mean an over the top radical change that makes you the next Zuckerberg but could be anything ranging from helping your customer service team speed up time on calls to helping the logistics guy with tracking or something not official at all like a philanthropic initiative to help the lesser privileged ones.

We are ready to take that leap of faith into a new job/business/consultant/ but maybe all it needs is to take a relook at what you already have and see what more you can do where you are and a lot of answers will flash by. This however doesn’t imply that people don’t move to different jobs or get into entrepreneurship and so on as sometimes you know a true calling when you hear it. But that doesn’t mean you wait for it, all you need to do till then is Carpe Diem.

[Guest article contributed by Krishna Iyer, Vice President – Media Partnerships at iXiGo. He earlier contributed : Head Cook to Bottle Washer : The Journey from Entrepreneur to Employee and Of Sales and The Connect Network. Image credit]

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