Cash in the new iPhone in India

Seriously. And I thought Jio has beaten the iPhone queue.

Well, as they say – cash is king!




Have you spotted politicians in these queues, by any chance?


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  1. uffff really? he is touring in bangkok and lel we indians here are suffering. he is trying to grab from the poor when the biggies are wide open free with there money stocked in USD EURO gold. the irony when you see big b tweeting and praising mudi while he was caught in panama paper leaks.

  2. Bank/ATMs are shut . There is no cash – and still people haven’t revolted.
    Because they do care for the bigger cause behind this move.

    I hope Modi is thinking on the same lines and respects the respect he has gotten so far.

    It’s time to execute on the decision – so far, the govt hasn’t shown any signs of it.

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