CashUrDrive – Get Paid to Display Ads on Your Vehicle

Permission Marketing is in and will very soon hit the road.

CashURDrive is an on-vehicle advertising company that enables vehicle owners to putup ads on their vehicle and get  petrol redemption coupon in return.

Once a vehicle owner registers, cashurdrive ‘pumps’ in vinyl-wrapped ads (covering the four doors and leaving out the boot, bonnet and fenders) and installs a vehicle tracking system (VTS) through which clients can locate their advertisements [source]

As of now, 12,800 vehicles have registered with the site and the company is planning nation wide expansion (in talks with big advertisers as well).

A model like can easily be short-circuited and hence, cashurdrive has taken couple of measures to maintain the sanity in the system.

Apart from vehicle tracking system, petrol pumps also work as check-centres to ensure that the vehicle owners haven’t removed the ads (the stations will redeem coupons only for vehicles carrying the vinyl ads).

Cashurdrive has received Rs. 1 crore investments from VC Hunt Global.

Do give cashurdrive a ride and share your comments.

Do you think this idea will ‘fly’?

Interestingly, the founder shares that this idea came up in one of the discussions@ Orkut group.

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