CAT Fiasco and Rise of Smart Managers!

“Unfortunately, the particular viruses and malware that attacked the test delivery system were not detected by the anti-virus software at the testing centres” – Prometric on CAT fiasco (CAT Servers Fails to take the Load [Server Crash])

Lame excuse? Because if it’s real, then it shows how unprepared the CAT organizers were!

Machines running CAT exams were (hopefully) not running on public network and if at all, there were virus attacks, why were they not detected earlier?

Look at some numbers

  • 20,000 candidates completed their exams on Day 1.
  • Computer viruses at a number of testing centres prevented over 2,000 candidates from taking the exams
  • Overall, 14% labs were cancelled preventing 10% of aspirants from appearing in the exam [source]
CAT 2009 - why is it so damn slow?
CAT 2009 - why is it so damn slow?

The Virus Theory

If there were virus attacks, how did they propagate to 10 centers? After all, the tests were conducted via local servers (that’s what CAT authority mentioned)?

There could be enough face saving reasons for the failure, but all we know is that this will make candidates better managers – fiasco, surprise, mediocre/unreliable service providers and ofcourse, ‘moment of truth’, i.e. operational glitch at the last minute! 🙂

As a candidate, you have been exposed to things others do not get to experience – so don’t lose hope.

What’s your take?

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