MAD-GK : Get CAT/GMAT questions on your Mobile

MAD-GK is a Mumbai based startup (from ex-Wipro employees) that is offering mobile learning content like CAT/CET/GMAT/GRE/SAT on your cell phone. madgk

MAD-GK has partnered with CareerLauncher and ZipCash for content and advertising respectively.

The application is preloaded with 400 questions and in future will be able to live stream via GPRS (for now, you don’t need any kind of connectivity to run the app, as it’s preloaded with qns.).

The application does solves a major need of ‘learning-on-the-move’ and will see a good adoption by the student crowd (the startup claims to have 5K downloads within the first few week of launch).

What’s your take on MAD-GK?

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