CAT Servers Fails to take the Load [Server Crash]

We raised the question earlier ‘Online Exams – Can they Survive the Load?’ and there are reports that CAT servers in few centers faced overload problem and even though CAT Convenor do not want to accept the word ‘crash’, they have mentioned that exams at few centers(Blore, Chennai, LKO and Bhopal) were disrupted in few centers in and students were asked to take a new date.

As far as CAT is concerned (CAT, i.e. Common Admission Test will be held during Nov 28th – December 7th), Prometric which won the contract (valued at ~$40mn deal) partnered with NIIT for the operational support and we will get to know the real story (i.e. whether its a crash or server overload problem) very soon.

Earlier, IGNOU’s attempt to held an online exam resulted in crash and IGNOU had asked it’s partner, Yahoo for a detailed response.

Also, since CAT is being held over a period of 10 days, IIMs have put a disclaimer on their site warning that anybody who attempts to leak the question will face 3 years of jail (or fine of Rs. 2 lakhs)

Disclosing, publishing, reproducing, transmitting, storing, or facilitating transmission and storage of the contents of the CAT or any information therein in whole or part thereof in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronically or mechanically for any purpose, shall be in violation of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and/or the Copyright Act, 1957 and/or the Information Technology Act.

Back to the question we earlier asked – Are exam authorities jumping the gun by going online too soon?

Unpreparedness is how one can describe the CATastrophy!

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