Bangalore based Actwitty makes topical sense of your Twitter, Facebook and social media activities

Do you know the content type you consume the most on Facebook and Twitter? Most of the times, the data you share on Twitter will be completely different from data…

Do you know the content type you consume the most on Facebook and Twitter? Most of the times, the data you share on Twitter will be completely different from data shared on Facebook and that’s where lies a need to collate the data and build a social media bio of you.

All services need to be aggregated and beyond that the data has to be organized in an accessible way. If you ask, what’s the need? Well, a typical social media user segment aligns highly with a job seeker, an alliance seeker, a blogger looking to increase reach, a founder of a startup, a hobbyist or a simple narcissist. In short, people who are looking to create an impression and engage better in shortest time span – and hence the need to collate and organize one’s activities.

Bangalore based Actwitty is taking a shot at collating social media data and at the same time, organizing the data in a more structured manner, using semantics.

Topics I follow
Topics I follow

In terms of features, Actwitty’s core USP lies in categorizing one’s activity data (i.e. semantics) and then, provide wrappers to make sense of the data. For instance, you can look at the trend of stories shared across different categories.

Sharing Trends
Sharing Trends

The service stands in-between Klout, Peerindex and of course, the personal branding sites like Cofounders, Sudhanshu Saxena and Alok Srivastava shared the following:


Other services which are playing in the social media arena we are entering:

1. Aggregation and a single address –,, Socialbios. These service offer primary value of bringing all services accessed from one page. Kind of a visiting card.

2. Social influence measurements – Klout, Kredly, Peer Index, PostRank. These services give some score based on some heuristic. Like I have a Klout score of 40+ while Pete  Cashmore has 90, this is though popular but puts things into a single dimension.

3. Expensive media management tools like Jive, SproutSocial, Visibli which are for analyzing social media influence.

Lets take 3 cases :

1. I know you, now I am interested in following your tweets on technology and business and your entertainment chatter from Facebook.

2. I don’t know you and I want to understand you better and quickly.

3. I know you are a techie but what else is your taste?

How do we hold edge:

We take whole influence and relevance to a different level by not stopping at scores or aggregation. We want to become a primary address/social bio which can become a blog plugin, Facebook app, email signature. Drawing more attention to your social media.

So we are looking forward to being a widget on as many platforms.

None of the analytic service (free) offers data backing to analytics (Klout, PeerIndex like), we offer data accessibility with privacy taken care off.

Also, we have unique features like topic trending to build credibility of the user.


If you are a heavy consumer of social media content, Actwitty could be your single window for all-things-social-media, though the challenge for the team lies in building Actwitty as the destination site. Also, building an actionable component (think: recommendation engine) probably helps – i.e. the tool tells me that I am interested in “technology”, but what after that? Can you recommend a few people to follow/friend whom I am not?

The product is currently in private beta and you can apply for an access here.

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