RIP Kunal Kant Sen.

He never bought a train ticket. And by mistake, even if …

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generate random data

Developers: Generate Random Data (like phone numbers, bitcoin addresses, social security number etc) using Randommer API

Randommer wants to be a tool for all kind of people: …

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Fredi is helping women to be the best and most productive

Fredi is focused on re-defining productivity as a sustainable form of …

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Meetquo is remote meetings platform, where each teammate participates asynchronously (and decisions are made)

Working from home (who isn’t?) and finding it difficult to collaborate …

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Developers: Checkout a secure way to handle user sessions with SuperTokens

Your Tinder profile got hacked as your sessions got stolen. What …

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This AI based platform wants to help you improve your resume

As more companies shift towards AI parsing through the tons of …

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Get Custom Picture Frame on FrameIT, Singapore Based Startup

Looking for a custom picture frame and want to avoid going …

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NextBigWhat 4

Introducing: The NextBigWhat 4.0 Version; Leaner, Sharper and Sexier.

Hello world. NextBigWhat over the years has always been about bringing …

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Introducing: NextBigWhat Community and Monthly Themes!

The winter is coming (really!) and it is the time when …

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Introducing the new avatar of NextBigWhat

Dussehra signifies the victory of good over bad, truth over lie.  …

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The most important decision I took 2 years back..

Well, I stopped reading news. I stopped consuming not just the …

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Say Hello to NextBigWhat. A Place to Discover Signals

The internet is full of amazing insights and practical advice (on …

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