The End of Millennial Urban Lifestyle Product Businesses?

As WeWork crashes and Uber bleeds cash, the consumer-tech gold rush may be coming to an end. You might call it the Millennial Lifestyle Sponsorship, in which consumer tech companies, along with their venture-capital backers, help fund the daily habits of their disproportionately young and urban user base. With each Uber ride, WeWork membership, and hand-delivered dinner, the typical consumer has been getting a sweetheart deal. But this was never going to last forever. WeWork’s disastrous IPO attempt has triggered reverberations across the industry. The theme of consumer tech has shifted from magic to margins. Venture capitalists and start-up founders alike have re-embraced an old mantra: Profits matter.

The Asshole Rule of Hiring. So if you have 2% assholes in your organization, then everyone participates in hiring to grow, you’re never going to find yourself at 1% assholes, you’re going to find…

Deception of Education (in India)

The purpose of education from kindergarten to the 8th standard is not clear to anyone. Without a goal, a school cannot be held responsible to a standard. This has resulted in a multi-fold increase in the price of education at the school level.