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    Keep your product features on track with Bullet Train

    Bullet Train allows you to implement feature toggles for your product that will allow you to turn features on and off as and when necessary without deploying new code. It also has remote config features that allows you to set properties for those features in case of complex requirements. This would allow non-technical teams to […] More

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    Keep an eye on any website with obserWise

    obserWise is a nifty tool that allows you to take screenshots/snapshots of a website periodically based on set parameters and then sends you an email when a change occurs. This could be useful to those hunting for a deal on a shopping site, or someone following job listings on a particular page. You could also […] More

  • slides

    Now convert your PPTs into web content!

    Embedding a Powerpoint presentation into a site is usually a cumbersome process which also adds to load time. Wowslides, an Istanbul based startup, allows users to convert PPTs into HTML5 format that runs on the browser. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it even converts animations and a number of other […] More

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    Translate image text from one language to another without any design tools [imgtranslate]

    Imgtranslate lets you translate image text from one language to another. In 30 seconds, without any design expertise or image editing tools. It can help Designers, Advertising agencies or Localisation service providers to create images/ads in one language and translate them across languages. BANGALORE GET IT About the founding team : Founders are image processing […] More