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    Tribute Kiosk – A one stop shop for Photo-Booths [Hardware As A Service]

    Tribute Kiosk is ‘Hardware As A Service’ provider which lets enterprising individuals operate a Photo Booth, without buying it. It if a fully serviced hardware service, where the company makes money only, when the operator makes money. A truly bold hardware initiative. The company not only provides the photo-booths but also complete training, support and […] More

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    Get Serverless security in 20 minutes with Protego

    Protego provides unmatched visibility, security, and control over serverless applications from development to runtime. Minimizes serverless attacks. Detects attacks. Prevents and mitigates attack in real time. Location : Baltimore, MD, USA About the founding team : Tsion (TJ) Gonen CEO and Co-founder Prior to co-founding Protego, Tsion served as Chief Strategy Officer for Gemalto’s Identity and […] More

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    Zenkit helps you manage your team as well as personal to-do with a powerful workflow management tool

    Zenkit is not just a Kanban board, or a spreadsheet, list and calendar. It’s a single collaborative platform where you can track projects with your team or simply manage your personal to-do lists. It is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on. Karlsruhe GET IT NextBigWhat profiles interesting […] More

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    Zoho launches CRM Plus, a unified customer experience platform

    Zoho’s CRM Plus platform unifies CX platform connects your sales, marketing, and customer support operations even more deeply, allowing information to flow from one department to another across the entire customer lifecycle. To accomplish this, we’ve created a single platform for all of your customer-facing teams: the interface, admin panel, setup process, search bar, and […] More

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    Natero helps SAAS companies with their customer success management

    Customer Success relates to helping customers ‘succeed’ with the product – thereby increasing their lifetime value to the company. It has grown in importance both as a position and a domain amongst SAAS companies. Natero is a be data-centric platform ,built specifically to meet the challenges of ‘Customer Success Managers’. It was founded on the premise […] More

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    Turn data from forms into branded PDFs with this tool

    Jotform has launched a PDF Editor which does more than its name would suggest. It automatically turns data collected in a form into branded PDF documents with a design of your choice. It also allows you to automatically mail those PDF documents to the intended recipients when necessary, for e.g. invoices, application forms etc. Jotform’s […] More

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    Manage your own sales flow with this CRM tool

    The Customer Relationship Management space gave the SAAS industry its first true behemoth: Salesforce (some will nitpick about it being PAAS). But upstarts are everywhere with different takes for different markets and customers. A number of solutions have capitalized on simply being simpler to use and catering to more basic needs. Vilnius, Lithuania based startup […] More

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    Here is how can you make products ‘talk’ with IoT

    The Internet-of-things revolution is on its way and it could potentially turn any ordinary product into a ‘smart’ product – both for the consumer as well as for the manufacturer. On the front end, one can see consumers being able to dynamically access useful information about the product eg:- how to consume a certain medicine […] More

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    Get your prospect details like email id etc; Automate sales process using AeroLeads

    Aeroleads is a prospect and lead generation software started with a vision to provide an intelligent solution to otherwise cluttered sales process by automating the process of finding the relevant prospect details associated with the business of our clients irrespective of the business type. Bangalore GET IT About the founding team: Pushkar Gaikwad, founder, AeroLeads […] More

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    Exzbit helps trade show organizers incorporate ecommerce into their events

    Exzbit by Arcadier is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for trade shows and exhibitions to effortlessly incorporate e-commerce into your events, enabling you to engage your exhibitors, attendees and visitors 24/7/365. Singapore GET IT About the founding team : Chief Executive Officer: Dinuke Ranasinghe Chief Brand Officer: Kenneth Low Chief Technology Officer: Paul Cascun In early […] More

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    Motivii is fast feedback platform for high performing teams

    Motivii is the fast feedback platform for high performing teams. Teams let their manager know how they’re doing and what they’re working on, plus answer a few anonymous questions about their experience of work via a simple weekly update. For HR, this gives a rich picture of weekly engagement & more. London GET IT NextBigWhat […] More

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