The Top 10 Rules Of Money

The purpose of money is not intuitive or linear. The person having money easily mistakes overconfidence for optimism. Getting rich and staying rich are two different things that require different…

Goldman Sachs on COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Fintech: The digital adoption will accelerate Fintech growth

The current environment has only accelerated the need and expectation for financial services to be delivered in a 100% digital environment as the shutdown has forced people to conduct critical financial activities and banking functions, such depositing checks or paying bills, online and over their phones. This not only creates a great opportunity for next generation digital finance platforms to drive efficient customer acquisition but also an opportunity for these digital platforms to prove their differentiated value proposition versus traditional providers.

The Future of Fintech is in Re-bundling

A thread by @zachperret on future of fintech. Zachary Perret is the founder and CEO of Plaid, which has been recently acquired by Visa (for $5.3Bn). The last few weeks…

India’s 1% has more than 4X the wealth held by the bottom 70%

India’s richest 1% hold more than four-times the wealth held by 953 million people who make up for the bottom 70% of the country’s population, while the total wealth of all Indian billionaires is more than the full-year budget! What about income inequality? Well, it would take a female domestic worker 22,277 years to earn what a top CEO of a technology company makes in one year.

How WIRED lost $100,000 in Bitcoin

Back in 2013, the halcyon days of at-home Bitcoin mining, staffers in the WIRED San Francisco office turned on one of Butterfly Labs’ mining machines and let it whir away,…