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    One day Zomato will deliver your food by drone

    India has launched its Drone registration programme which will open up new opportunities; and Zomato could be looking at delivering your food via drone. Zomato has acquired TechEagle Innovations, a Lucknow-based startup that has been working on drone technology since 2015. The acquisition will help Zomato carve a path toward drone-based food delivery in India, […] More

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    Is it WeWork vs. the rest in India

    Just out of curiosity, I looked around for brand searches for WeWork vs. the rest of coworking spaces in India and here is what I found: Clearly, more customers are searching for WeWork vs others. Is it okay to say that: WeWork is building a brand, while others are focused on selling seats? Isn’t this […] More

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    Introducing: Product-led Growth Workshop; Launch Discount!

    There are three things money cannot buy: Love Happiness, and Product-Market Fit. We can’t get you the  first two, but if you are a founder or part of  founding or leadership team and strongly believe in product-led growth, you should be attending the product workshop . The core thesis of this workshop is that great […] More

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    Is Zerodha playing dirty tricks with Kuvera?

    Zerodha launched its mutual fund product (coin app) very recently and here is what also happened. Mutual fund player, Kuvera (now competitor) has noticed a sharp drop in its play store rating from 4.3 to 3.8 in 3 days. Checkout Kuvera CTO, Mayank’s tweets. Is this person your employee @zerodhaonline Hard to believe. But this […] More

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    Hike's Change in Product Positioning : Will it matter?

    Hike has laid off many from its Bangalore office, but the most important thing to know is that Hike is now shifting its positioning from ‘social network’ to ‘social+content discovery’. Here is a short summary (from their official announcement). 2017: We evolved hike into a social platform and explored tremendously in multiple new directions 2018: […] More

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