In digital India, cash is king: Vijay Shekhar Sharma #BackToFuture

“While a cashless economy is not possible in India, less cash economy will be in the future. Less cash is the only solution, not the elimination of cash,” “Basically, payments, cloud, commerce and financial services are a cohort we follow. So, payments are our customer as well as merchant acquisition. If it breaks even, we are happy because other line items make more money, he affirmed.

How Oyo can win back its mojo 

Few startups have achieved success without failures. The Oyo story is no different and he is what its management, employees, investors and partners can do.  Entrepreneur K Ganesha shares a few ideas: 1. Communicate clearly and unambiguously.  2. Don’t couch the communication in euphemisms.  3. Don’t blame the employees or non-performance. 4. Think ahead!  5. Be fair. Ensure, at the minimum, that the contractual obligations of the notice period, severance pay, leave encashment, etc are met fully. 

Dunzo gets approval to test long-range drones

India’s civil aviation authority has selected the applications of Dunzo and Bengaluru-based drone maker Throttle Aerospace Systems to test long-range and autonomous drone use, as part of DGCA’s Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) progamme.

FYI: BYJUs is profitable !

Byju’s has posted net income of Rs 20.16 crore in the FY ending March 31- making it the only profitable consumer internet unicorn in the country. Byjus currently has 2.8 million paid subscribers (and 40 million overall subscribers). BYJU’s income has increased to Rs 1,341 crore from Rs 490 crore, while expense stand at 1,321.65 crore (was Rs 518.52 crore in FY18).