Do you already own a successful product? Know the insights for your next strategic move

Something I find useful is mapping out the typical economic loop …

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Joining an early-stage startup? Here is how you can negotiate on a salary offer

Make a spreadsheet and calculate your current comp vs. your startup …

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It’s okay to build a shitty first startup: Justin Kan

It is important to build a shitty first startup, because the …

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Tale of a $19 billion dollar startup that began by an accident

In February 2014, Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19.3 billion. WhatsApp had …

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3 broad risks in the startup’s journey

There are 3 broad risks in the startup’s journey – product, …

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Hiring for Startups

How to Hire for the Early Stage Startups

Optimize for IQ/horsepower. Talent overruns experience in like 3-6 months and …

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Get all your packaging needs sorted at one-stop with this Mumbai based startup

Packaging is always a tricky business for companies, be it startups …

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Reduce load on your customer support by setting up interactive tutorials with this tool

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, startups are having a tough time …

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Choose and customize from over 50,000 icons with this all-in-one tool

If you're looking for custom icons for your product or landing …

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Know what people are saying about your brand on Twitter with this tool

Looking to power search Twitter for mentions of your own brand …

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Improve your teams performance with this AI based platform for managers

Peoplelogic.ai is a platform that uses AI and ML along with …

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Automate your website testing with no code using this platform

DiffHub is a platform that automates testing for websites in a …

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