Amazon Prime Video Launches Watch Party in India

Prime Video Customers are able to host and participate in Watch Party, providing synchronized playback which the host controls, and a chat feature to communicate with participants. Watch Party will accommodate…

Google testing paid crowdsourcing service ‘Task Mate’ in India

The Google Opinion Rewards app has long allowed users to answer questions and surveys in exchange for Play Store credits.  Google is now trialing “Task Mate” in India to “Earn money doing simple tasks on your smartphone.” In “Early access,” Task Mate is currently “Limited to selected testers” through a referral code system.  The tasks themselves are considered “Simple” by Google and originate from “Businesses around the world.” They are categorized as “Sitting” or “Field Tasks,” with the latter noting how many minutes you have to walk.

Moderna planning to charge governments $25-$37 for its COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel has announced that they are planning to charge $25-$37 (depending on the quantity ordered) for their Covid-19 vaccine. He was reportedly quoted saying “Our vaccine therefore costs about the same as a flu shot, which is between $10 and $50.”  Moderna had earlier announced that it has developed a new vaccine for Covid-19 and the vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing Covid-19 according to the preliminary data collected from a stage-3 clinical test.