Building $10m ARR business in so called “non existent” markets: Introducing UnPluggd speaker: Bizom’s Lalit Bhise

One of the themes for the upcoming UnPluggd conf is well..cockroach startups, i.e. the ones who survive, grow and scale sans noise and drama.

One of such companies is Bizom, a retail intelligence platform that empowers CPG companies with the right retail technology to digitize their supply chain ecosystem. Started in 2012, Bizom now has more than 550+ brands and 7.5 million retailers on its platform.

Bizom cofounder and CEO, Lalit Bhise will be sharing lessons learned building Bizom – esp when it comes to selling to Indian SMEs (something which is considered unsexy among VCs). Truly a cockroach startup founder, expect a lot of candid wisdom from Lalit on selling SAAS to Indian companies, finding price-market fit and a lot more!

Introducing UnPluggd Speaker: Teabox founder, Kausshal [On building a global DTC brand, profitably]

The upcoming edition of UnPluggd conference brings you lesson on building great businesses from some of the most amazing founders across different industries.

Introducing to you, UnPluggd speaker – Kausshal Dugarr, cofounder and CEO of Teabox. At UnPluggd, Kausshal will share his lessons building a global D2C brand (Teabox ships to 123+ countries) and his journey to profitability. More about Teabox 👇

Teabox pioneered the Tea D2C space by setting up a completely backend driven farm to cup tea brand focused on the international markets. It is the only brand that has a 100% backend integration at source that enables it reduce the traditional tea producer to consumer time from 6 months to 10 days.

It is backed by marquee investors including Accel and also boasts of few customers becoming investors. Highlights of its journey:

  1. First Indian brand to ship to 123+ countries
  2. Established state of the art cold chain processing solutions to ensure fresness
  3. Raised $ quickly, probably too quickly
  4. Expanded aggressively into offline pre covid. Went from 65% offline revenue biz pre covid to 100% online revenue biz post Covid
  5. Achieved profitability

Introducing UnPluggd speaker Nithin Kamath: On bootstrapping, startups, money and everything else

There are startups and then, there is Zerodha.

Apart from the fact that Zerodha is 100% bootstrapped, what’s most amazing is how Nithin Kamath and team have gone about building the business (Only 30 engineers, lots of love for open source, no PM role / do listen to Ashish Sinha’s conversation with Zerodha’s CTO, Kailash).

But as a founder, Nithin has been brutally honest about his industry, about running a bootstrapped business (and not focused on valuation) and is probably among the very few entrepreneurs who have walked the talk of investing in climate change.

Nithin is going all-in at UnPluggd, and will be of part of the fireside chat (rather, AMA) conversation with Ashish Sinha, nextbigwhat founder (Sep 23)

Announcing UnPluggd 2021; The Conference Where You Learn to Build, Grow and Repeat!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Indian startup ecosystem is buzzing with great amount of energy and being the OGs in this space, we are happy to invite you to UnPluggd, India’s largest startup and tech conference is back!

The same conference, where Freshdesk launched in 2011!

The same conference where most of India’s successful B2B startups launch!

Scheduled for Dec 3rd and 4th, UnPluggd’s core theme is building product-led growth businesses. The two days are broadly themed as:

Day 1: Zero to 1

Day 2: Scale from 1 to N.


Simple. Honest. And Sharp.


UnPluggd, in its truest sense, has been a platform that has enabled founders and product leaders to not just find actionable learnings, but also meaningful networking and immense business value.

The upcoming edition is all things Product and Growth across various industry sectors, with a specific focus on building product-driven growth businesses.

What’s the Agenda?

As always, a lot of amazingness.

  • Building Product-driven growth businesses.
  • Across consumer and SAAS segment.
  • Expect best global minds sharing their experience.
  • Workshops
  • Startup Launches
  • Investor Pitches

Who are the speakers?

NextBigWhat conferences are driven by the community and one of our core goals is to bring you speakers who really have the courage to share-it-all, i.e. hard-hitting stories of experiments, mistakes, and perseverance.

  • Speaker nomination form will go live on Oct 29th.
  • We will start announcing speakers from Nov mid – but as always, expect awesomeness. Expect candid conversations. And a lot of practical insights.

Speakers from the last few editions

  • Gokul Rajaram (FB, Square)
  • Shishir Mehrotra (Coda, Youtube)
  • Kintan Brahmbhatt (Amazon)
  • Sachin Bansal, Naveen Tewari, Kunal Shah,
  • Sangeep Paul (Platformlabs)..and many more.

“The Mecca of Indian product and tech ecosystem” – Parag , YC (2018)

Grab your early bird tickets

Date: Dec 9, 10, 11
Venue: Virtual (the hybrid version will be announced in Nov, depending on the Covid scene)
Conf URL:
Early bird registration (70% discount, already applied).
Note that tickets for workshops will be available later.

Announcing: Free access for UnPluggd Startup Launch Stage

UnPluggd has always been the most impactful launchpad in India and we are happy to share that we are opening up the launchpad session access to everybody who believes in startups – investors, early adopters, geeks, potential customers. Everybody.

We have selected 5 startups who will demo the product – these are all from totally different industries : robotics, consumers, real estate, SAAS etc.

We understand that the funding scene globally is *badly* impacted, but the best that you and I can do is to give business (read: dhandha) and partnerships to startups.

So if you truly believe in helping startups, go ahead and signup for the Zoom invite here.
The Launchpad will start at 1 pm and end at 1:30 PM [May 23rd, Saturday]

Announcing: UnPluggd Agenda; Powerful and Actionable !

Away from the noise of startup echochamber, there are fellas working on building meaningful product and finding sustainable growth channels.

If you are one – the next edition of UnPluggd conf is for you.

We bring to you, super powerful keynotes and actionable workshops from some of the best product minds in the industry.

Keynote sessions start at 9:15 and end at 1:15 PM and speakers include:

Workshops start at 2 PM and are of 50 minutes – 1 hr duration. These are designed to occur in a sequential manner, so that you can maximize your learning.

Here are the workshops scheduled for UnPluggd

  • Beyond Network Effects: How to create scalable platforms, networks and marketplaces by Sangeet Paul Chowdary
  • How to get your first 100 SAAS customers by Ravi Trivedi (Founder, PushEngage)
  • Building the right retention stack for your consumer brand by Avlesh Singh (Founder, WebEngage)
  • Data science for Product Managers by Nimit Kumar, Director of Product Management (Rakuten)

You can also download the agenda from here.

Announcing UnPluggd Launch stage: Calling Product Startups to apply [Deadline: May 20]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The nomination process for India’s largest startup event, UnPluggd has begun and starting today, we will accept the nomination from startups to launch at the virtual conf (on May 23/Bangalore).

5 startups will be selected to demo their products at the virtual event.

Demoing @ UnPluggd

Starting today, we will accept the nomination from startups to launch/demo at the event. If you are a startup or a product company, you get an opportunity to demo your product in front of India’s early adopter/investor community. 

Preference will be given to startups who are launching the startup for the first time to the public @UnPluggd. Also, please note that we’d need atleast 1 cofounder to be present on the (virtual) stage during the launch.

With UnPluggd going virtual, any product startup (irrespective of where you are) can apply for the launch stage.

UnPluggd: Featured Speakers.

Will this help a startup raise funding?

Well, the funding environment is quite bad. So no promise there, but for sure we will ensure your product reaches out to 75000+ audience / potential users.

Between Tech, Product & Design : How to Achieve a Fine Balance. Introducing UnPluggd Speaker, Vikalp Sahni [Goibibo CTO]

Tech, Product and Design are three *constituencies* in a company and most often struggle to achieve a fine balance.

At the upcoming edition of UnPluggd conf, we aim to seek truth and all of our speakers and workshops are dedicated to the same.

Introducing to you, UnPluggd speaker Vikalp Sahni – Goibibo CTO. Vikalp will bring great perspective on the different elements of product, design and tech – things which worked and also the ones which didn’t.

In his own words:

These three areas (product, tech and design) are independently developing, and at times while we build product / tech we end up choosing one over the other. These biases brings in not so good customer experience and hence failure. I will talk about success and failures of some of the Goibibo features & how balance worked.

I will take some examples of what we learnt at Goibibo:

  • Conversion improvement when we did combobox and no AutoComplete: Success ( product led )
  • Referral program and GoContacts: Success ( Tech Led )
  • Conversational experiences, especially WhatsApp: Success ( Tech + Design )
  • Go999: Failure 
  • OneBox: Failure

What else is happening @UnPluggd

Everything About Data Science for Product Managers: Announcing #UnPluggd Workshop

The upcoming virtual edition of UnPluggd is all about learning from some of the best global product minds.

Apart from powerful keynotes, we have planned really actionable workshops for you.

Introducing to you: a workshop by Nimit Kumar (Director of Product Management, Rakuten / Ex-Sr Product Manager, Adobe Cloud) on Data Science for Product Managers.

Nimit will cover following key topics as part of the workshop:

  • What are data products?
  • Understanding the data lifecycle
  • Data Scientists as a Stakeholder
  • Formulating your product requirements
  • Bonus: Tools of the trade

Do attend if you are into product management and need access to practical wisdom and insights on data science.

What else is happening @UnPluggd

Building the Amazon Way | Introducing UnPluggd Speaker: Kintan, GM Amazon Consumer Media Group

If you are a founder or a product leader, you gotta be curious about ‘how Amazon does it’.

Right from product ideation to defining the product to nailing GTM, there are enough great stories on how Amazon does it.

Ladies and gentlemen:

We bring you the real story from Kintan Brahmbhatt, General Manager, Amazon (new consumer media product group).

Kintan Brahmbhatt, GM Amazon

Prior to that, he was the head of worldwide product management and technical program management for Amazon Music. Since joining Amazon in 2009, he has helped start and build consumer media businesses and products that are used by tens of millions of customers worldwide

Prior to Music, Kintan led product management, marketing and editorial teams at IMDb and was instrumental in building IMDb’s mobile, games and living room portfolio.

He is appointed as a Customer Experience Bar Raiser at Amazon and advises teams across Amazon on new product development.

At UnPluggd, Kintan will share how Amazon does it and importantly, how can one build a customer obsessed culture. Expect brilliance!

You afford to miss this keynote session? Price increases today (Tuesday / May 12) at 3 PM.

What else is happening @UnPluggd:

Powerful Keynotes and Actionable Workshops!

Building the right retention stack for your consumer brand: Workshop by WebEngage Cofounder, Avlesh

Growth without retention is lockdown without controlling the virus spread – you are just doing it for namesake. Post Covid-19 world mandates companies to have red-eye focus on retention – so let’s get it right !

This UnPluggd, learn everything about retention from a platform that powers engagement for 400 Million users.

Avlesh Singh – cofounder and CEO of WebEngage will take up a 1 hour workshop on Building the right retention stack for your consumer brand.

Date: May 23rd, 3 – 4 PM.
Who should attend? Founders and product leaders building consumer products.

What to expect from the retention workshop by Avlesh:

  1. A decision making framework for building your retention stack – people and processes.
  2. Identifying and setting the right retention metrics as KPIs for retention teams.
  3. Shifting the focus of retention to the ultimate holy grail – revenue. How to transition from the early wins of push notifications and email overload led engagement to methodical channel use leading to consistent revenue via the retention stack.
  4. Benchmarks for retention led revenue and engagement across online commerce, travel, education tech, fin-tech and media businesses.

A lot is happening @UnPluggd

Product as a Competitive Advantage: Introducing UnPluggd Speaker, Harshjit

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The upcoming edition of UnPluggd’s virtual avatar is all about building product – led businesses and we have brought together some of the most amazing practitioners to you:

We are happy to announce our next speaker: Harshjit Sethi.

Harshjit advises on investments in early stage businesses at Sequoia India and is focused on fintech, SaaS and consumer internet sectors. He works closely with BharatPe, Darwinbox, Freshworks, smallcase, Turtlemint and Vymo amongst others.

Prior to Sequoia, he was an early employee at Dropbox where he used to lead the Android product which he saw scale to hundreds of millions of installs.

Date: May 23rd.
Virtual Conf.

Latest from UnPluggd

Announcing UnPluggd Speaker: Shishir Mehrotra, Founder (Coda), Ex-VP of Product, YouTube

What if..we could learn from global product gurus – who have a habit of disrupting and shipping great products ! Well, this is what we aim to enable at the upcoming edition of UnPluggd Conf.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are happy to present our UnPluggd speaker, Shishir Mehrotra.

Shishir Mehrotra is the cofounder and CEO of Coda, a new doc for teams that combines documents, spreadsheets, and powerful building blocks into a single canvas. Shishir was formerly an executive at YouTube, overseeing the YouTube product. Over his 6 years tenure, he helped grow YouTube to the world’s largest video destination.

Prior to Google, Shishir spent 6 years at Microsoft and held leadership roles in the Windows, Office, and SQL Server divisions. Before Microsoft, Shishir was the founding CEO of Centrata. 

Shishir is speaking at UnPluggd and will share his insights on building product-driven growth businesses.

UnPluggd Details:

Date: May 23 (Sat).
Venue: Virtual
Keynote sessions (First half)
Second half (Workshops)

What else is happening @UnPluggd

Beyond Network Effects: How to create scalable platforms, networks and marketplaces: #UnPluggd Workshop by Sangeet Paul

The upcoming edition of UnPluggd virtual conference brings you amazing insights and actionable workshops.

We have super actionable keynotes and workshops planned for the conference and we are extremely happy to announce a workshop by Sangeet Paul Choudary.

Sangeet Paul Choudary is the founder of Platformation Labs and the best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale. He has advised the C-level leadership of prominent startups like Spotify,, and Shutterstock as well as more than 30 of the Fortune 500 firms. angeet’s work on platforms has been selected by Harvard Business Review as one of the top 10 ideas in strategy, alongside Michael Porter, Clayton Christensen and others, and is one of the rare articles to have been featured thrice in the HBR Top 10 Must Reads compilations.

He is taking a 1-hour workshop at UnPluggd:

Workshop Title: Thinking beyond network effects: How to create scalable platforms, networks, and marketplaces.

Register for UnPluggd conference and individual workshops here:

What else is happening @UnPluggd

How to Acquire Your First 100 customers for SAAS businesses: Announcing UnPluggd Workshop

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The upcoming edition of UnPluggd brings you actionable workshops and very inspiring keynotes from global product leaders.

On day 1 of the conference (May 22nd / Friday), we have multiple workshops on the lines of our ‘Build.Grow.Repeat.’ mantra and we are happy to announce our first workshop:

How to Acquire Your First 100 customers for SAAS businesses, in a post-covid world.

The workshop is being conducted by Ravi Trivedi, Founder of PushEngage, a leading platform for Web push notifications globally, with customers in 150+ countries.

Prior to this he built CouponRani, a popular coupon site. He is a growth marketer and ran online businesses in the US, and India, before building PushEngage.

Workshop date: May 22nd
Time: 10:30 – 11:30 AM
Registration Fee: Rs. 399 + tax.
In the widget below, you can register for the individual workshop or for the full conference.

Announcing UnPluggd Speaker: Gokul Rajaram !

UnPluggd is all about great perspective on building product driven growth organization.

The upcoming edition of virtual UnPluggd conference will bring you very deep perspective from global leaders and the first one we would like to introduce is..Gokul Rajaram.

Gokul Rajaram currently serves on the executive team at DoorDash, where he leads Caviar, a premium food ordering service. He also serves on the boards of Pinterest (PINS) and The Trade Desk (TTD).

Prior to DoorDash, Gokul worked at Square, where he led several product development teams and served on Square’s executive team. Prior to Square, he served as Product Director of Ads at Facebook, where he helped Facebook transition its advertising business to become mobile-first.

Earlier in his career, Rajaram served as a Product Management Director for Google AdSense, where he helped launch the product and grow it into a substantial portion of Google’s business.

Gokul will share perspective on building product led businesses at UnPluggd – expect a lot of actionable insights !

If you have questions for Gokul, go ahead and ask here.