Of CBSE Results and the most important news I came across in the recent times #ParentsPleaseRead

I am writing this because a close friend of my nephew committed suicide because he got  low marks in 12th.
Parents often use comparisons to drive home a point :

“Sharma ji ka beta 98% laya hai.
Learn from your sister – she scored better percentage than you.
Ab kuchh nahin ho payega. “

But then, comparisons help nobody and if at all there is something you need to learn from, then learn from this cool dad who actually has a lesson for us (is he inspired by Anupam Kher’s role in DDLJ?)
Civil contractor Surendra Kumar Vyas actually threw a party for his son who had flunked his Class 10 exams because he wanted to “motivate” the teenager to perform better. 

Why? Well, 7 students committed suicide within few hours of MP board of secondary education announcing the result ! (via).

The point is very simple – in the large scheme of things, results are just a number and if you as a parent do not accept it, you might be forcing your kid to depression or..
Please don’t.
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