Your Company may start Snooping into your Emails – How do you feel?


Your Company may start Snooping into your Emails – How do you feel?

Like it or not, your company may officially snoop into your email conversations and check if you are sharing confidential data to competitors.

CCI (Competition Commission of India), has recommended that enterprises put in place a system of internal audit aimed at checking business manipulations by their employees.

The regulator’s suggestion is based on the premise that in an era of performance-linked compensation packages, employees might resort to unethical business practices, putting their employers on the wrong side of the competition law, which prescribes heavy penalties for anti-competitive practices.

CCI has suggested introducing a system for auditing office documents, including e-mails of employees. [ET]

This is not really to check employees’ morale, but is actually a check on cartelisation (read our earlier coverage of telecom cartelisation in India) that results in anti-competitive practices.

Though this is just a recommendation from CCI (and is not yet accepted by corporates), these are good signs of corporate India being more professionally managed; and of course, more liable of their doings.

Or is it that the Indian govt. is getting too jittery about corporates (for e.g. the recent blackberry case)?

What do you think?

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