Celebrating Happy Women’s Week with Women Entrepreneurs [Pluggd.in TV]

Starting up is hard. And sustaining once you have started, is even more challenging.  It requires extraordinary abilities to manage egos,cash,people,technology,family etc.

The best example I can think of while writing this post is of Mother.And hence I am going to share something which hopefully  most of you can relate to while starting up. Its about the things I saw my mother do as I was growing up.

My mom, managed a household where
1. She took all the daily decisions on what should happen today to reach the collective vision of the family (Operation Manger)
2. She made me want to study and go to school, even when I hated her for that and never let me quit (Human Resources Manager)
3.  She could repair the old toaster, make the washing machine or television work  without a mechanic (Technology Manager)
4. She could make complete family work toward a single goal at the same time managing minor details of day to day life. (Leader)

And my mother is a home-maker. Without an Engineering Degree or an MBA she understood how to work towards a long term vision, one victory at a time. So none of us as women  have to prove anything to anyone. Women have always  had it  in them [leadership and management capabilities].

And now we live in a time where women are kicking ass in every field and being looked upon as role model, in family and society. Women today are not only bypassing the “glass celling” but they are shattering it by long shots. We want to do our bit, in making this week a special one for women, by brining you stories of women entrepreneurs who are making a mark for themselves.

Happy Women’s Week !!

As part of Happy Women’s Week, here is the first installment from Pluggd.in TV – an interview with Krithika Nelson, cofounder of Shopo, an online marketplace where you will find contemporary and traditional Indian designer, handcrafted and home made stuff.

In this interview Krithika Nelson(Co-founder & CEO, Shopo.in), talks about her start-up journey and the challenges of being a women entrepreneur. Do not miss the last 4 minutes of this talk where she talks about – “Starting up is not about doing something that you like, its about giving up everything that you like, to do that one burning passion you have.”

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