‘Breakfree’ Will Cure You Of Your Cell Phone Addiction; Much Needed!

After watching the movie “Her”, if you thought falling in love with an Android is a bad idea, here is an app that will keep a check on your addiction with the smartphone. Basically described as a “de-addiction” app, the Breakfree is a product of the Mobifolio startup.

As the name suggests, the app gives you an addiction score depending on the number of times you unlock the screen and spend time on it. Calculated by an algorithm, the app communicates with you using a friendly character called Sato, a baby monk.



To reduce your addiction, there are tools to disable the internet and reject phone calls by sending text messages.It also tells you how much time you spend on various activities like Facebook, Google chat and WhatsApp.

With around 200 downloads per day, the app is making people realise that they spend way too much time on their phones. Mrigaen Kapadia and Nupur Kapadia, realised the dangers of intimacy between people and phones and that led them to found Mobifolio and the Breakfree app.

Currently available on Android, it will soon be coming for iOS devices as well. So if its time for your morning walk, this app can let you be undisturbed. The plan is to monetize through advertising and the premium versions that has advanced features.

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