ANTS Work Like Ants: A Ceramics Technology Startup!

Ants Ceramics
Ants Ceramics

Advanced Novel Technological Systems (ANTS) Ceramics is an Indian technology startup, which has worked out its way from a college laboratory into a Hi-Tech Scalable Ceramics business. ANTS specializes in manufacturing of Complex Ceramic Components with High Class finish. Co-founded by IIT-Kharagpur guys and mentored by US-returned Prof. Parag Bhargava (he was my prof. too!), ANTS supplies ceramics to anything between Dental Applications to Space Tech.

Some cool stuff that they’ve built recently, in pictures.

ANTS has set up a manufacturing unit near Nashik with the help of Incubation, IIT Kharagpur and CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad. It is for first time in India that such a business is sprout in a cool cutting-edge space, without importing any technology from outside. ANTS even has developed a technique to convert EGG Albumin into Ceramics using ‘coagulation casting’ method, which they have patented internationally as well.

Ants Ceramics
Ants Ceramics

As Sabyasachi Roy, Co-Founder says “ANTS technology is poised to compete with some very seasoned ceramic deposition techniques around the world in terms of fabricating complicated ceramic components & shapes”. Interestingly, ANTS has already supplied the first few consignments overseas to Singapore & the Arcelor Mittal Group.

All in all, it feels great to see such a technology startups bubbling up within the country. The enthusiasm of the young college crowd seems appreciable too 🙂

What’s your take on ANTS technology?

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