Meet Chachii, the virtual aunty to get your chores done

How often have we caught ourselves in situation when we are inviting friends over for dinner and we hoped that we could have some help to ease the work? Or that time during the festivities when we prayed for a clone to manage all the gift deliveries and packaging?

Chachii is an online service company that helps users to get odd jobs ranging from household chores to office deliveries done. The service is most suitable for those cases when the extra help is required for a few hours to maximum a few days or a temporary basis.

So the process begins when a user logs on to Chachii and posts a task they need help with, adding all the little details ranging from the kind of task to their house address and the preferred time for getting the job done. Chachii admin then sends out a message to all of their work force which fulfill the criteria for the job in question and just like in the case of how radio cabs functions, the first person to reply to the job request is assigned the task.

Why it works?
On the face of it seems there is nothing unique about the service, one could easily get in touch with somebody in the neighbourhood to get the task done. But where Chachii scores is that its listed contacts are far greater in number, perform a variety of tasks and are readily available at odd hours when the neighbour help won’t come.

From the users’ perspective having a centralised location for getting assistance in everything ranging from cleaning, packaging or a temporary driver works. From the workforce side, it makes sense as most of them are part time workers, and they can use the Chachii platform as and when they want to act as temporary workforce without any long term commitments.

Future plans
The team at Chachii understood perfectly well that the system could be misused when the workforce or the end user could entirely circumvent the Chachii platform by directly dealing with each other. They are trying to be as transparent as possible in their approach and are encouraging the users to publish reviews in exchange for Chachii credits, to help get feedback about their workforce and have a patronage of excellent workers.

The only downside to the service could be its geographical limitations. Chachii currently operates only in the Mumbai region and sees maximum traction from the Western and Southern Mumbai. The service is definitely targeted at individual or working professionals for whom the ease of getting the job done far scores over other factors.

Currently seeing around 200 tasks being performed per month, Chachii will expand its portfolio of job offerings by moving into repairing and baby-sitting. They are working upon enlisting students for their planned B2B model, where Chachii would acts as the human resource for enterprises for their market research and event management.

If you are in Mumbai, do give Chachii a call and share the service feedback with us.

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