Introducing : #ChaiApp

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today we are happy to announce #ChaiApp, a fresh new perspective on how content is consumed on mobile.


#ChaiApp is your perfect companion with chai and every piece of content is hand-picked by our editors, summarised for you in a crispy and easy to read format.

We aren’t playing on whether a news has to be shorter or a longer piece – it has to fit in the context and that’s the only thing that matters.

Infact, sometimes news isn’t even news. It’s just a piece of statement – we get that and we show that only.

And One More Thing.

#ChaiApp is not about NextBigWhat and startup/tech content (intact, NextBigWhat is just one of the publishers on #ChaiApp).

#ChaiApp is all about content across national news, politics, sports, entertainment, startups and pretty much things that you are interested in!

#ChaiApp is Curation

And not aggregation.

We respect your time.  You shouldn’t be spending your life reading news! All you need is 10-40 smartly curated content and you are done for the day!

Lately, the media space has largely become a noise generating machine crying for traffic; with very little substance and truth. Somebody needs to curate and bring in content that inspires more discussions when you are having your cup of #Chai.

That’s where #ChaiApp comes into the scene.

We want to be there when you are having your cup of tea – you get updated about all the important and relevant news / stories in just 5 minutes !

#ChaiApp Is..

Like all big things, we start small (and we need your love!)

We have just started (still in beta) and there are really big plans to scale this up / to grow this across different segments.

We are currently serving only Android users (download the app please) and will soon launch for iOS.

Give it a spin.

Download #ChaiApp

For feedback or partnership opportunities, please connect with me ( directly.

PS : Bangalore users : expect a few interesting updates on #ChaiApp !

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