Chandamama takes Multimedia Route

Chandamama, the comic magazine has partnered with Toonz Animation to make TV serials, studios, make films and develop TV programmes.

Chandamama faces still competition from TV channels like Pogo/Cartoon Network etc that have lot more mythological stories and are a super hit among Indian kids.

Chandamama is trying to be more contemporary with the newer titles. Chandamama is now looking beyond the traditional stories we must have been used to. The firm is now looking to have science fiction as a genre that it will enthrall its readers with. – source

Geodesic acquired Chandamama during mid of 2007 and the magazine boasts of 400, 000 circulations. The web portal, launched in November 2008 doesn’t seem to have major traction

What’s your take on chandamama? High time they innovate themselves, especially the format?

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