How to bake growth and retention in your product: #GrowthTalkies with InMobi CPO, Chandra Vattikuti [Aug 28th]

Normal company: Growth, Retention and Product as three different silos. There is no regular interaction between these.

Great companies: Retention and Growth are baked into the product.

The struggle is to figure out how to be that great company?

Join us for an AMA (workshop-ish format) with Chandra Vattikuti, InMobi CPO.

When: August 28th
By: Chandra Vattikuti, CPO InMobi
Where: Zoom
Ideal for: Founders, Product Leaders, and Growth Marketers.

Free for first 100 participants.

#GrowthTalkies is an initiative by NextBigWhat and WebEngage, in order to bring actionable perspectives and insights from the product and growth leaders.

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