The Power of Internet: Chandralekha’s Overnight YouTube Fame Fetches Playback Singing Opportunities

Chandralekha was a housewife last week. This week, she is famous. Soon, she will be singing for movies and albums. In just a few hours, the Internet has changed her life for ever.

Late last week, an old video of her singing a Malayalam song went viral on the Internet. The one year old video of Chandraleka singing the song was shot by her brother in law on a mobile phone uploaded on YouTube. It showed her, holding her baby and singing into the camera. The backdrop was the scanty wall of a house.

Chandralekha, from Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, is not an Internet user. Neither is she on Facebook. For some reason, the video went viral last week. Since then, she has had a handful of offers from music directors. Her song had nearly 1 lakh views on the video sharing site this morning and hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook.

Malayalam music label East Coast Audio wrote on its website that it has already made an offer to Chandralekha to sing for the labels’ upcoming devotional album. East Coast Audio has also decided to give her opportunities its upcoming movies to sing playback. Malayalam news papers and blogs have been buzzing with stories about Chandralekha’s instant fame.

“The Internet has made it possible for her talent to be discovered,” says Abraham Joseph, a Kochi based film maker who made a couple of hit videos on YouTube before getting his first major break in the Malayalam movie industry.

Chandralekha was Joseph’s senior in St Cyrils college in Adoor.  “I heard about Chandralekha after 10 years for the first time yesterday. I recall being part of the college choir with her. And she is an exceptionally talented person,” Joseph told NextBigWhat.

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