We have Changed: Donning the new Look


We have Changed: Donning the new Look

2008 is the year of Change (inspired by Obama) and this is what we have done as well – i.e. changed pluGGd.in’s layout.

Let me walk you through few triggers that led to the decision:

  • We carried out the heatmap analysis (have a look at a day’s click-analysis) for a month or so (using crazyegg) and realized that there were a few ‘dead zones’ in the site (with negligible CTRs) – we wanted to get rid of them.
    We also tried out certain different styles in the last 2 weeks and realized that user activity hasn’t been impacted much – so a magazine styled layout fit the bill.
  • Most Importantly, surfacing great content (from the past):
    Yep, we (esp. few guest authors) have produced some real great content which evoked some great discussions. Most of the times, these articles gets buried in the flow of new content and we really wanted to find out a way to surface these contents.
    And that’s what you will notice in the carousel section.

Einstein stays pluGGd.in

So is this a move from being a blog to content portal?

Well, without ranting too much on the new design (and features etc), I request you to give the new look a spin and share your feedback/suggestions in the comment section (have also enabled ‘wall’ in the footer section, for you to add generic feedback on pluGGd.in)

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