Chat Anonymously With Your Facebook Friends Using Cloakd Android App

“It’s time to break the walls of conformity to behavioral norms and let out the truth, for there’s nothing greater than the truth.” – Anonymous.

For all those who have an issue with their identity being on their way to talking openly with people, New Delhi based Piyush Grover has an answer. Piyush is the founder of the latest android app – CLOAKD – that integrates with Facebook, allowing users to chat anonymously with their Facebook friends.


Users can initiate anonymous conversations with friends on their list. Or, you can be on the receiving end talking to anonymous users. As the developer describes, this app is a platform to share thoughts in their truest form with people you know.

With such apps, instances of misuse are bound to be an everyday thing. For such issues, the app also provides the option to block the user who has been bugging you.

In a world where people’s identity is being confined more and more to their digital activity, one does wonder as to how useful a faceless conversation can be. Maybe you will share everything you want to or maybe you won’t want to talk to an anonymous user without a face and identity.

Whatever be the case, the app surely competes with, which has gained extreme popularity in India.

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