Bangalore based Chatvana wants to connect service providers and customers on real-time basis

Popular search technologies offer passive set of results to users seeking (local) information.In fact, users have to consume content before finding the sought (complex) information and in most cases, navigate many results before doing so.chatvana

For unique questions, users usually resort to forums where they search and often post questions and wait for answers. There is a latency involved when there are more questions based on the answers. There is not much of interactive facility geared to answer specific search queries.

Bangalore based Chatvana (‘Chat’ + ‘Nirvana’) is a webservice that provides interactive connection between users seeking information/products/services and online providers offering the same. For service providers, think of Chatvana as a real time lead generator for information/service/product providers and importantly, a service that allows them to interact with their customers.


Launched by Jaihari, who has 20+ years of work experience in writing routing software  (for networking companies), the Chatvana service is free for end-users,though Chatvana plans to charge providers for access to business leads.

One of the important aspect of Chatvana is that it expects service providers to be online (to answer the customer queries) and in order to enable this, the startup is launching an app that will enable the same.

In its current form, the service doesn’t have a lot of service providers, but what’s interesting is the approach this startup has taken to solve a pain point.

Question to the team: Are you in a business of writing great routing/networking infrastructure piece OR in the business of connecting service providers and customers?

Do give Chatvana a spin and share your comments. What are the use-cases you think the service fits in very well?

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