Sify to launch (cheap) push mail service


Sify has partnered with UK based Synchronica to provide push mail service, which can be accessed from low-entry handsets as well.

The tie-up claims that their service will cater to a larger addressable market as compared to competitors (i.e. BlackBerry), since the mobile gateway used by Synchronica does not requires additional software to be installed on the handset making it particularly well suited for businesses, consumers and prosumers in emerging markets (more ULCH, less smartphones).

The alliance also claims that unlike security concerns associated with BlackBerry, their service follows all the norms and regulations of the land and can be monitored in India as well.

The deal is important, keeping in mind that Sify is now purely focused on growing it’s enterprise segment (provides enterprise solutions to over 2,000 enterprise customers, so already has a reach among enterprise segment).

Other players in this space: Mobee, Netcore, EmailatMobile, SMSMyEmail and MeOnGo.

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