Check these 17 pro tips to take your landing page from 0 to sales

Use more white space Avoid cramping the elements on your page. You want each section to stand out and be hyper-legible. When in doubt, space it out – Blake Emal

Landing page not converting? I’ve spent 7 years earning learnings to help pages perform. THREAD 🧵 17 pro tips to take your landing page from 0 to sales.
Tip: Pick your dream outcome before anything What are you hoping the customer will do? What metrics determine success? Knowing this means you know what the page needs to be.
Tip: Spend 80% of your writing time on the headline Visitors are impatient. They came looking for a solution, and you need to make it clear you have it almost instantly. Spend the time to get your headline right, and the rest of the copy works much better.
Tip: Write the headline first A great headline is as much a guide for the visitor as it is for the page author. Writing it first gives you clarity through the rest of the page copy and beyond.

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