Startup MocDoc brings Chennai based doctors online

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Startup MocDoc brings Chennai based doctors online

Chennai based MocDoc has launched its service that brings Chennai based doctors online and connects patients with doctors for free. MocDoc boasts of 1000 doctors signed up for the service and is currently operating under a free model for both the doctors and the patients.

For doctors, MocDoc offers a platform to manage appointments using which the doctors can integrate the public appointments ( made using MocDoc) and private ( made offline by the doctor) into a single solution. The company has a few hospitals in Chennai onboard and are working upon a solution to integrate their offering with the hospital’s system.

MocDoc is trying to build a community of doctors with the system whereby doctors can share their useful insights and experiences with each other and with the MocDoc users. They are currently working upon a solution whereby they would be able to list things like, hospitals, blood banks, pharmacists and labs in and around an area to complement the doctors’ offering.

We tried the service and would recommend the team to improve search, i.e. have the ability to search for a doctor using the problem (something like a chest pain or an eye infection). Moreover, such solutions also need to be mobile-friendly (if not fully supported), i.e. be the first port of call for patients who are looking for doctors.

If you are from Chennai, do give MocDoc a spin and share your comments/feedback with the team.

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