Chetan Bhagat’s Response to Haters Is..Inspiring!!

There are a lot more critics than doers. People try to bring others down. Some given in. Some stand up.

Author, Chetan Bhagat who is often a target among social media netizens posted an inspiring note to all those who have been critiquing him.

Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat

“Sometimes, I look back and wonder, how on earth did all this happen? I remember my days at the bank in Hong Kong, and getting a performance review from my boss, telling me I don’t deserve to be promoted. That I lacked something, while everyone else was ok. I remember thinking I need a drink, and wanting to get pissed drunk at his treatment of me. But right then, another thought came to me. Let me express my hurt in another way. And so I started a book, about three friends in an Engineering college.

Six books, five films and a hundred columns later, today as I see Kick release in more screens than any other film ever, I wonder. What if I had chosen the path of getting drunk to cope? What if I had not written that first sentence? What if I had believed my boss, who said I lacked something vital? Thank you God for giving me the strength and wisdom at that moment.

All of us are told we aren’t good enough. Sometimes we believe it also. But don’t. Because nobody, not even you, knows what you are capable of. The criticism will never stop, ever. As I write this, many on twitter must be posting hate tweets about me, telling me how useless I am. But all I want to tell them is this. Buddy, I heard that one before. And it is because I heard that is why I am where I am today.

Congratulations to the entire hard working team of Kick for the big release today.

And thank you boss. Thank you so much for not promoting me.”

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