Ecommerce delivery service, Chhotu Secures Funding from Global Super Angels

Ecommerce logistics service, Chhotu has secured funding from Global Super Angels, an angel network founded by Rajesh Sawhney and members include Sasha Mirchandani, Naveen Tewari, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Dinesh Agarwal, Deep Kalra etc.

Chhotu (or Santa Claus Couriers) is a last mile delivery solution targeting the niche eCommerce logistics space. The startup claims to keep costs and delivery returns low due to effective use of technology. The return rate in their case is about 1.5% for all reasons of failure.

Post funding, Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Dinesh Agarwal will join the company’s board as director and board observer, respectively, reports Vccircle.

From our earlier interview with Chhotu founding team:

. What is it that you think the regular courier guys are doing wrong and how do you make it better?
Regular guys are doing business in a traditional way in which they are suppose to “just make the delivery” and get paid for it. We see our relationship with E-Commerce companies as partners and we act as an “extension of their sales channel”.

We align our revenue model to E-Commerce revenue model. In around 99% of cases, we charge our partner when he is making a sale. In other words, we empathize when a sale is lost on CoD. That is one example of alignment. Second thing I would say is responsiveness. We are working with technology companies where things are suppose to be very responsive, be it their website, customer support or shipment. Other players lack this which makes the whole shipping experience painful for shipper and shippee (if that is a real word). Our technology is very focused on collaboration. Simply put, three parties involved in a process needs to have a predictable streamlined communication medium. Chhotu relies on technology for this. Despite we are small today, our technology is evolving around that philosophy which is really working.

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