LinkedIn reveals your childhood dream job – Being an Engineer tops the list for Indian men

A study by LinkedIn reveals interesting aspect of one’s childhood dream job and as expectedly, being an engineer tops the list for Indian men!

As part of its “Dream Jobs” study, LinkedIn surveyed more than 8,000 professionals globally, of which 415 are from India, to find out the most common childhood career aspirations and how many professionals currently have their dream job.

The survey found that the top childhood dream jobs for men in India were:

  1. Engineer (18.6 percent)
  2. Scientist (9.4 percent)
  3. Soldier (8.3 percent)
  4. Airplane or Helicopter Pilot and Doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (6 percent)
  5. Teacher (5.7 percent)

Women in India said that their top childhood dream jobs were:

  1. Teacher (16.1 percent)
  2. Doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (14.5 percent)
  3. Engineer (8.1percent)
  4. Scientist ( 6.5 percent)
  5. Lawyer and Soldier (4.80. percent).

Nearly one out of every three LinkedIn members surveyed around the world (30.3 percent) stated that they either currently have their childhood dream job or work in a career related to their childhood dream job.

With a sample size of 415 (from India), this need not be an authoritative survey, but it surely brings interesting aspects of Indian society (FYI: Top dream job for US men is to to become an olympic athlete).

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