China is going to introduce a set of 10 AI textbooks next year : They start at elementary school.

Education in school is binary.

Either one ‘picks’ or ‘lifts’. Picking defines what you eventually become. Lifting has always been a drag, and life becomes a long ‘one’.

Great educators know this very well. And the way they teach is to rekindle your interest and curiosity, so that you ‘pick’ what they are teaching. And thus school is the best place to shape one’s life.

Administrators in China might not be aware of this binary system, but they know that to win the trade war, which is going to culminate in an ‘AI War’, they need a lot of sharp and eager minds to work on AI & ML.

And it’s elementary that the war they are fighting begins at school.

China is going to introduce the first set of 10 artificial-intelligence textbooks into hundreds of school campuses next spring. And they begin as early as elementary school.

These books have already been taught at a few selected schools in Shanghai as a pilot program.

‘Catch em young’ is a phrase often conversed, but seldom used . China wants to change that.

When the world is still focussed on computer literacy for all school students, China is going to be at least ten steps ahead now.

Next time, your kid wants a smartphone as a gift, buy him/her a Linux installed computer instead. And from there, she could ‘pick’ and her life would never be the same again.

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